Entry: So In Love Am I Jun 27, 2006

*sigh* I'm officially in love everyone. Yeah, I know....its a totally crazy relationship being that he lives in Minneapolis, but there is just something really special about John that I can't put my finger on. We met up tonight in Mason City so that it wouldn't be as far for either of us to drive the because he has to work tommorow. Yes, I met him off of OKCUPID, and I know that any halfway sane person is going to think that is lame I guess I really don't care...you can't control how you meet the one you love you know. Plus, if you believe in the statistics on OKCUPID, we are an 88 percent match...he's the highest score I ever found on that site as far as compatiblity goes. And, I want to vouch for OKCUPID, I totally see why we matched that high. We have LOTS in common, and more than just favorite movies, music and shallow stuff like that.

We've been talking since November and have been trying to meet up for several months. I think I first knew that I loved him when we got in this debate over Harry Potter and he explained to me why Severus Snape isn't really such a bad dude. I have a thing for geeks, always have. So yeah, I knew I had to hold on to this one. Even though he lives in Minneapolis and even though there are people here who would date me. Fuck it...the guy is right for me. Even though he's flawed (but aren't we all?) I even love the things that annoy me about him...when we get in debates it really fires me up in that special way. Intelligence is the biggest turn on for me.

I've settled before for guys who really didn't give a fuck about me, and I wanted to hold out for something different this time. I don't want someone who thinks its okay to sleep with several other girls...I don't want someone who just wants to use me for their sexual urges. I want love, plain and simple.

So yeah, we met up tonight and the chemistry was there right away when we locked eyes. We are both shy and nervous people by nature, but we just couldn't stop talking, laughing, and just being ourselves around each other. I never felt self-conscious or stupid even when I said something dumb. He's not conventially cute, but then again I think Steve Buscemi is way hotter than Brad Pitt (what, I do). I love his squinty eyes, his glasses, and he was wearing a Batman shirt!!! Plus, he's tall and skinny...my type to a tee.

We went to dinner at this place called Prime and Wine..its kind of like The Brown Bottle. We we both under-dressed for such a fancy place, but we didn't care. He was so sweet and bought me dinner even though he's broke. We both only ate about a fourth of our meals because the portions were HUGE but it was really yummy.

After that, we drove around looking for something to do because Mason City is actually even more boring than Cedar Falls and Waterloo. We ended up going to see The Omen with Julia Stiles and Mia Farrow...it was pretty good, but um...I got distracted a few times I have to say so I'm a bit confused at what all happened.

So yeah, I'm not going to go into detials what happened after that...but let's just say I had a wonderful time and I really think I have a future with him. He warms my heart and all that cheesy stuff.

I have a boyfriend now, so don't hit on me please. Just cause he doesn't live here doesn't change the fact that I love the guy. I'm a good girl and once I give my heart, it stays with that person until they break it anyway. I have no problem with being friends with guys though...so as long as you know how to respect me as friend, I dont' care if you have a penis or a vagina.


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July 2, 2006   09:15 PM PDT
well it's nice that you found someone. he sounds like a nice geek. i have a weak spot for geeks myself, unfortunately.

it seems like all i've been attracting is the crackheads in toronto though.

i like your new blog, it's nice. i've been signing into msn again. i hadn't for awhile cuz i was having computer problems. i should be able to buy a laptop in the fall, hopefully. i might need to update my contact list since none of my friends seem to be online, but i do still have you on it.

i suppose i could always talk to you on myspace or something. i don't know.

well, take care. thanks for keeping in touch.

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