Entry: Work might suck, but I don't Jul 22, 2006

Tonight, I've off to work a double shit....oh, I mean shift. My job really does suck...blah, blah, blah...but then again so does every other mininum wage job out there. They treat us like a commodity because we can be easily replaced in a heartbeat by a high school kid desperately in need of some extra beer money. Because they don't have support car insurance or save for their college fund...yet. Then when they get to the point I am, there will be some other naive high school kid ready in in the cycle to take their place.

But its okay...I'm still gonna work with some integrity. I'll help my co-workers without being asked...I'll run out food that isn't mine...and why? Because our jobs do not define who we are, but our actions sure do. So yes, I could gripe and groan throughout my shift today/tonight or I could be happy that I at least have a job skill, no matter how blue collar it is. I could be happy that I'm friends with co-workers and actually can hang out with them outside of work knowing they genuinely like me. That even if my managers don't see how hard I work, they do. And that really makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? I just have to keep telling that to myself when I'm covered in salad dressing and syrup by the end of the night, vaccuuming under tables, praying to God that the duct tape on the vaccuum cleaner doesn't fall off, spewing little bits of food chucks into the air.

So here I go, unto another shift of:

Can I start you folks off with an ice tea or coke tonight?

Was everything prepared alright for you?

Oh, the cooks didn't cook that steak well done for you? I'll just take it back and get it fixed for you no problem.

You need a 5th refill on your soda even though I have 2 other tables waiting for me to take their order? I'll get right on that.

Oh, so you ordered 2 apptizer samplers, you ate your entire steak dinner, and now you want a shake and a chocolate chipper sundae to wash that all down? Sounds good to me.

All 20 of you are on seperate tickets tonight? No problem.

You want a to-go box even though I was just over here two seconds ago to ask if you needed anything else tonight...and you said no. No problem.

Oh, the food was terrible and you'll never come back again? Well goodbye and I hope you'll come back soon anyway (hahaha, yeah, right...I would be lucky if you actually followed through on your threat).


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